Strategic Consulting

Why do businesses have a compelling vision and great product, but still not grow? Why do fast-growing businesses have a tendency to quickly stall and plateau?

Too often we discover the landmines by stepping on them and have systems that get in our own way. Healthy, sustained growth requires a dynamic culture, financial margin, and a phenomenal team. CFPO is here to deliver those three things for you.

A Few Other Ways We Can Partner

  • 2 month virtual Executive Team Coaching
  • Team Workshops
  • Annual planning and goal setting utilizing the 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Put a CFPO Consulting staff member on retainer

Systems That Actually Work

Fractional Chief
People Officer

Let us build and run your People Operations department

Save yourself the time, heartache, and money of building your own department. We will build out your People Operations: team culture, salary bands, staffing structure, hiring, onboarding, leadership development, and firing. We will create processes that fit your business and execute it at a high level.

HR Assessment
and Audit

Get a full analysis of your team: structure, performnace, strengths and weaknesses.

The outcome of this assessment and audit is a full understanding of where your people operations currently sit today and priorities for your next steps. This may include C-suite coaching, effectiveness and efficiency of the team, optimizing structure, employee experience and culture, implementing foundational policies, and other people operation priorities.

Strategic Staffing

We give you the playbook to run a robust People Operations department

Your company can only be as strong as your team. By discovering, defining, and developing the culture you want, we will help you build the team you want. We will make sure you have a People Operations playbook that enables you to have the philosophy, plan, and process to staff strategically that aligns with your culture and executes your vision.